Crowns & Bridges

dental crowns treatment in pune

Prosthodontics refers to the replacement of missing oral tissues, e.g. teeth. Not only to re-create form but also function.

What are Dental Crowns Treatments?

Crowns and Bridges treatment are basically tooth like covering that are placed over damaged or in place of a missing tooth. It is normally made of an inner strong material and covered with a ceramic material that give it the shape, feel and look of a natural tooth.

How do Crowns work?

In this treatment, a dental crown can be used as a “cap” to entirely cover the damaged tooth. Besides strengthening a weak tooth, crowns are also used to improve the overall appearance and shape of the mouth. Also, multiple crowns can be connected in the form of a bridge to replace missing teeth. Crowns are made from metals and are also available in metal free forms, e.g. Zirconia.

Crowns and bridge treatment in Pune are generally recommended to

  • Replace a large filling
  • Protect a weak or damaged tooth
  • Restore a fractured tooth
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Cover a poorly shaped tooth
  • Cover a tooth with root canal treatment
How long do Crowns last?

Crowns and bridge treatment at Nanda Dental Care in Pune uses crowns made by 3M a world leader in dental supplies. They have strict guidelines that help ensure the aesthesis and function of a crown over the years of use. Some of their products like LAVA come with a 15year replacement warranty should any defect occur in the crown from the manufacturing process. These crowns or bridges are translucent and can be place over teeth or implants. Once well fixed it’s almost impossible to recognize it apart from a natural tooth.

Full Zirconia crowns or monolithic crowns are also available, these are great for people who brux at night or have a habit of grinding. They are extremely strong and can take a lot of forces, and at the same time they do not harm the opposing natural teeth.