Dental Tourism

dental tourism in pune

Today India has become a favored destination not only for aesthetic landscape, music, arts and culture but for Medical or Dental Tourism in Pune as well. High costs of dental treatment in western countries have forced patients to look for better options abroad.

We have been observing this trend for many years now. We provide best dental treatments available anywhere else in the world and that too in a cost effective manner to the patient. Patients pay a lot less and still get the best care. India has lot to offer, combine that with a beautiful smile. You pay very less for a dental visit in India as compared to the dentist in other countries.

Nanda Dental Care has been officially appointed Dentists for the Commonwealth Youth Games in Pune
General Dental Work

If you need a lot of dental work like crowns, root canal therapy, dentures etc., we can provide the cost differentiators over an email consultation to help you make a better choice.


The cost of fitting dental appliance in some countries is too high. We fix latest appliance which would have been expensive to afford otherwise.


We use advance technology to give you a fixed implant tooth in a day*! These implants are totally reliable and would also last for a lifetime. We can still achieve a lot even in short trips.

Extensive Oral Rehabilitation

If you require a lot of dental work including implants, dentures, restoration the cost of the treatment here along with all other expenses would still be lesser than what you would pay in countries where dental treatment is expensive.

How to reach us

Step 1: First learn about Nanda Dental Care

Through our site we have tried to provide all the information such as Clinic information, team of dental professionals and range of services. We have also tried to answer various dental queries that our patients usually ask. So go through the site, find out what we dental treatment services we offer and how we offer. Learn more about our facilities.

Step 2: Consult with us via mail and plan your treatment in advance

Its always best to send us an OPG/Xray & some pictures of your teeth via email, and we will send you a customised treatment plan and cost and time estimate in advance.

Send us your dental x-rays on the following mail id- We will quickly get back to discuss the treatment procedure.

Step 3: Travel Plan

Once we agree to a plan to restore your teeth and smile, please check with us before you book a flight from your location to Pune, Maharashtra, India. We will accommodate your dates into our schedule and once we confirm your dates, then you can book your flights.

Step 4: Your Stay in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Staff at Nanda Dental Care will be more than happy to guide you or give you suggestions to organize your travel & stay in pune, prior and post treatment. If the procedure is lengthy, you can enjoy your stay here by visiting some of the beautiful and popular tourist attractions, in and around Pune.


Dental Cost Comparison Chart
Procedure India US Mexico Hungary Poland Thailand Romania
Single Implant $525 to $1012 $2990 to $5000 $990 $1000 $900 $1700 $950
Veneers $220 At least $800 to $1200 $369 $360 $450 $240 $240
Root Canal $80 $699 to $1300 $299 to $329 $60 $150 to $200 $90 to $200 $90 to $200
Crowns $80 $750 to $1000 $299 $285 $280 to $800 $210 to $390 $240 to $600
Bonding $25 to $30 $150 to $300 $70 $70 $60 $80 $75
Wisdom Tooth Removal $90 $250 to $500 $120 $180 $190 $144 $120