Understanding Dental Implants

With over 20 years of experience and having placed thousands of implants belonging to various systems, we have found the following systems to give us the most optimised results in almost any situation

BOI – Basal Osseointegrated Implants

BOI – The Implant system for the Impossible

“Have you been denied dental implants because you have very little or no bone”

“Have you been asked to undergo extensive bone grafting procedures so that you can get dental implants”

“Are you conscious of your smile and want your teeth replaced the same day”

“Have you been asked by your implantologist to wait 3 - 6 months before you can get your teeth fixed”

Basal Implantology has a solution for you. Using the Basal Bone and BOI implants doctors can now place implants in regions where traditional implants would be impossible. Traditional Implants use the alveolar bone- this type of bone is lost after teeth are removed and decreases through life as function reduces. The basal bone is always present throughout life; it is very strong and forms the stressbearing part of our skeleton. Dental implants when placed in this bone can also be loaded with teeth immediately.

This science is already proved in orthopedic implants (Hip/Knee replacements). Once the patient is fitted with the artificial joint he is asked to start using it immediately.

The procedure for Basal Implants is slightly different from conventional implants, and requires the implantologist to be trained specifically in Basal Implantology.

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KOS & BCS Implants

“Want to replace you’re missing teeth/damaged teeth with dental implants and want your teeth fixed in a day”

These are specially designed dental implants that allow us to place the implant and load them with fixed teeth immediately. They do require you to have adequate bone quantity and quality (unlike BOI). What make them unique is that the system has been specifically designed only for this purpose thus making them more reliable for immediate loading, while still providing an economical option.

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Leone Implant System

“The future proof conventional Implant system”

The biggest problem being faced in conventional implants is no longer the integration of the implant into the bone, but the loosening of the 2 main components (Implant and abutment) which is held together by a screw, furthermore the gap between these components has been found to house many bacteria that affect the bone level near the implant.

Leone uses Morse taper technology to bind the two components together. This solves both the problems, first due to the cold welding of the two components there is no gap , thus no bacteria and second since the “more taper” is used to hold the componentsis place and not a “screw”, there is also no loosening.

Jet engines of planes are held in place by Morse taper technology. We can definitely trust it to hold our teeth in place!

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Hexacone Implant System

“Highly Conventional Implant System”

Hexacone is a conventional implant system made by a Swiss company that has all the standard features found in an implant system. This implant system provides us with a very cost effective way to treat patients who want dental implants.

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