All-On-Four Technique

At Nanda Dental Care, we treat multiple tooth loss condition with all-on-four technique to restore the bite as well as beauty of your smile. All-on-four technique offers a permanent solution to traditional dentures which feel and look like natural teeth.

This technique was developed by the Portuguese dentist Dr. Paulo Malo in collaboration with Nobel Biocare.

This latest technique is a scientifically proven solution which allows us to completely rehabilitate an edentulous patient with effective restoration of four implants in both upper and lower jaws. These four implants support fixed prosthesis with 12 to 14 teeth and it is placed immediately on the day of surgery.

How does All-on-Four Technique Work?

All-on-Four technique involves a surgical procedure and is recommended to people who have lost almost all of their teeth. In this procedure titanium implants are precisely placed in the mouth. These titanium implants act as anchors for a complete dental bridge. In most cases, the bridge needs only four dental implants.

This modern technique requires less number of implants and is known to drastically reduce the recovery and treatment time. Once done with implants we install provisional teeth on the same day. These provisional teeth function exactly like natural teeth and allow you to regain your bite and beauty of your smile in a very short period of time.

Key benefits of all-on-four dental implants
Preservation of Bone Structure

All-on-four dental implants preserve the bone structure of the jaw. In other cases, dentures are placed on the gums and underlying bone which results in bone loss due to constant pressure.


The restored teeth are supported by implants instead of gums, so it does not rub and cause patches.

Improved diet

Dental Implants can easily withstand the forces of hard and crunchy food. This allows you to havehealthy and variety of dishes.

Enhanced self-confidence

These implants do not move in your mouth while eating or talking. So, you can now confidently socialize without any fear of embarrassment.

Improved appearance

Teeth loss and jaw bone loss affects facial structure and you may look older than you actually are. All-on-four teeth preserve bone loss in your upper and lower jaws, and also support your cheeks and lips.

Short recovery and treatment time

Tilting of implants and immediate loading avoids time consuming procedures like bone grafting. Moreover less number of surgeries and treatment complexity also significantly reduces the time required to recover.

Cost- effective

This technique is not only less time consuming but cost effective as well in comparison to traditional treatment of soon to be edentulous and edentulous jaws.