Dental Instrument Sterilisation

Nanda Dental Care a premiere dentistry center in Pune, is very particular about the cleanliness and hygiene standards. For the prevention of various oral diseases, we follow strict sterilisation protocols. There is a dedicated staff for sterilising surfaces, instruments and rooms. We use barrier control methods, disinfectant wipes and UV lights to sterilise the rooms. There are chemical baths, UV chambers, hot air sterilisers, glass bead sterilisers and class B autoclave to sterilise different types of instruments.

Class B Autoclave

This Class of autoclave is the latest and best in autoclaving dental surgical instruments.  It has an autoclave system that is capable of sterilizing all wrapped (single or double) or unwrapped items, including porous and cannulated items.

steralisation equipment-1
steralisation equipment-2
steralisation equipment-3
steralisation equipment-4