About Dr. Sacheev Nanda

Education for Dentist


Dr Sacheev Nanda stood first in BVPUniversity in his Master’s degree program of Oral and Maxillo facial Prosthodontics & Dental Implantology. He has undergone advanced training in general and cosmetic dentistry with various dentist in pune and doctors from round the world. He has spent time training with the pioneers in Immediate loading dental Implants and Basal Implants. Trained in advanced surgical procedures for placing dental Implants in areas of little or no bone, pterygoid Implants and bone grafting procedures, he has amassed a wide array of skills to help provide a reliable solution to complex cases. Dr. Sacheev Nanda has attended various Dental Update Programs on treatment technologies and Latest Trends in Dentistry in India and around the world.


Private Practice since 2005, Dental Implants since 2006, Speciality practice as a professional dentist in pune since 2009. He manages Nanda Dental Care in Pune, overlooking all dental treatments and aspects in dental care since 2005. Area of specialisation is in Prosthetics i.e. replacement of missing or damaged teeth, Smile Design and full mouth oral rehabilitation with and without use of Dental Implants. Done extensive work on treatment planing and execution of complex full rehabilitation cases. Member of the Indian Society of Oral Implantologists. Assists in a clinical course in Dental Implantology conducted by International Center of Dental Implants at Nanda Dental Care in Pune. Presented lectures and posters in conferences. Presentation on Implant Aesthetics got first prize in Indian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. Instrumental in setting up a first of its kind society called Immediate Loading Oral Implantologists Society, whose aim is to spread the latest in Dental Implant Procedures that are emerging at a fast pace today. Dissertation on "Full Mouth Rehabilitation". Thesis on "FEA of Connector Design in Implant Supported Zerconia Bridges"